1. a public room or building used for a specified purpose.
  2. a place where alcoholic drinks may be bought and drunk.
  3. a large public room for use as a lounge on a ship

Michelle Magidow, Owner

Chef-owner Michelle Magidow has lived and breathed restaurants for most of her life. Here in Seattle, she’s worked in some of the city’s most notable restaurants, including Salumi, Harvest Vine, Lark, and Delancey.

At Salumi, Michelle was Armandino Batali’s sous-chef. Working alongside him, she dug into classic Italian cooking and also discovered a love for customer service at the restaurant’s famous Friday night dinners. From Salumi, she went on to Harvest Vine and then Jonathan Sundstrom’s Lark, moving into a front-of-the house management role. When Lark’s sister bar Licorous opened, Michelle became a partner.

After almost a decade with the Lark family, Michelle found her way to Delancey, where she worked closely with owners Brandon Pettit and Molly Wizenberg and honed her vision of what a neighborhood restaurant could be.

Union Saloon is the culmination of Michelle’s talents and tastes, the kind of corner bar where she herself would like to be a regular.


Blake King, Chef

Union Saloon’s Chef Blake King is a new comer to the Seattle culinary scene. Blake honed his skill working in DC and Chicago – most recently cooking at the Michelin starred BOKA. Before that, Blake was the opening executive sous chef of Momotaro and sous chef of Stephan Starr's Le Diplomate.

At BOKA, he was able to follow his dream of cooking and learning in Japan. At the end of a three-month experience cooking in some of the most renown Japanese restaurants, a mutual friend introduced Blake to Michelle and he decided to take the position as Chef for Union Saloon. Together they have created Union Saloon’s full menu that straddles comfort food and fresh, seasonal cooking. 

Pedro Perez, Sous Chef

Pedro’s career spans more than 20 years, but he first discovered his love for cooking when he was only seven years old. He began cooking for his family and grew a deep appreciation for the connection food creates with others. 

Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, Pedro has a diverse culinary background and has worked in such local establishments as El Puerco Lloron, Volterra for more than 10 years and most recently Delancey. He has much respect for all types of cuisine but atop his list is Italian. He has a passion for making homemade pasta. His pasta creations are featured each week on the seasonal menu here at Union Saloon.

When he’s not working, you can find Pedro spending time with his wife and five children, camping and enjoying the great outdoors or sharing his love for cooking with his family and friends.



Bob is the first and oldest patron of Union Saloon. You can find him hanging around most every day of the week. Come by and say "hi." He always appreciates the company and good conversation.